Where people gather to worship, share and learn… A growing church serving a growing community

All I have ever felt since the very first day I came to First Baptist is God’s love through God’s people. I see God glorified when I talk about our church to others.  People are amazed when I share experiences I’ve had here with the church.  The response I usually get is: ‘You don’t find churches like that these days.’ My prayer for First Baptist is that the church will continue to grow spiritually; that God’s Spirit will continually be with us as we go toward another 100 years.  I pray that those we leave behind will be what they should and can be in Christ because we have been a faithful example.  I pray that First Baptist will be a light in a dark world and in this community.  I also pray that as God’s people, we will remain faithful to Him.

‘This Little Light of Mine, I’m going to Let It Shine’ all over Stockbridge, Henry County, Georgia and wherever else God takes us.  Love is the greatest gift of all! Thank you First Baptist for God’s love!