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I came to First Baptist Church in 2004 and I am so glad for the love that has been shown to me.  It has meant so much!  And I am thankful for all the good preaching I have heard from Brother Steve.  He preaches the true Word of God.  I am thankful for my wonderful Sunday School Class (The Willing Workers).  It has been so good to be with all the ladies and the lessons have been brought to us through a lot of studying. I am also so thankful for our wonderful choir, led by Eve.  This has lifted my heart so much. I pray for the future of our church that God will still be with us and that our church will always be a blessing to others. Thank you, Carol, Libby and Betty for all the studying you do in bringing the lesson.  It is so wonderful.  Thank you for all you do for the church and for all of us in the class. I pray for all the leaders of our church and I pray God will continue to bless all of us to do His work.  I love my church.  God has blessed me at 98 years old and I praise Him for so many years.  I am still able to go to church and I hope I can keep on going for as long as I live.